Shannon Trousers and Show sewing: or why I was missing in May

Oh dear, it’s June… how did that happen?

I might have accidentally forgotten to be online for the whole of May, but that doesn’t mean I was off on a jolly – this might have actually been my busiest sewing month yet. That said, there’s only so much you can say about helping to create 35 school pinafores.


Once a year my Light Opera company put on a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan. 2018 was Princess Ida, set in a 1930s school – so I spent much of May’s sewing time putting together these lovely grown-woman-sized pinafores.

But I also got to make my own costume as a glam diva teacher – and for that, I sewed up the Sew Simple Shannon trousers, one of my Make Nine patterns for 2018.

My phone camera broke during the show week so I have no decent pictures of my costume, but you can make me out in the top right corner. So here I am de-turbanned!


I bloody love these trousers, people. They are gloriously wide-legged and just the right length, and I love the pockets.


I made them in a purple-grey polyester from Goldhawk Road – not a very expensive fabric and no real knowledge of its content, but it has a variation of tones between pale and and brighter lilacs.

The pattern was very simple to follow, and I enjoyed putting it together. The pocket bags were made in the same way as the Marigold and I didn’t find it too difficult. I do have a bad habit of standing with my hands in them pockets though, so they sag a bit if I do it too much.

This is the first pair of trousers I’ve had real success with – I’ve attempted the Ultimate Trousers but the fabric choice was all wrong and they stretch at the knees and butt.


While I’m positive these could still be fitted better, the wide fit is more forgiving so I’m very happy with how they’ve turned out. It was my first really good invisible zip (I forgot pictures) so especially happy with that.

The thing I really like about these is I can imagine them in lots of different fabrics for work and casual. I’ll definitely be making a second pair in denim, and a black pair when I need them for work. I’m already imagining lots of different trims for the pockets as alternatives to the buttons.

My best photo face!!!!

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